Update history of VpsRanking.com


09/18 Links to Detailed explanation of each VPS are added to the list. Selected sorting is saved now for the list.

08/05 I made CPU info shown in benchmark list to make easy to understand meaning of benchmark

07/24 Upcloud opened New York DC. All servers have AMD whose performance is great. Updated UpCloud’s introduction

07/12 Upcloud introduced new CPU of AMD, so I reflected the result to CPU list of VPS

07/06 Linode added CPU50/56/64 plan, so I added benchmark for them. New CPU is encountered in Dedicated 50 CPU plan, so I reflected it to CPU list of VPS

06/06 Linode has started using AMD EPYC 7601 as CPU&it’s most frequently provided CPU now. I updated CPU list of VPS&Benchmark result of Linode

Upcloud tripled HDD speed. Disk writing speed for all external disks is added to Comparison of external disks

Added article “Benchmark of performance degradation by Docker’s overhead with knowhow of installation&usage of docker

Created VPS list for Windows sorted by benchmark

Linode started providing Kubernetes(k8s) as General Availability. I reflected the change to Linode’s explanation.

Vultr started South Korea’s Data Center. I added Vultr’s Data center list to Vultr’s detailed explanation.

Added article MariaDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL: Flowchart to choose best RDB

DigitalOcean added VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) function. I added VPC as comparison item to VPS’s function list

Added filtering function for easy installation and added software list provided by the function

Added detailed explanation page of DigitalOcean, Linode, UpCloud and Vultr

Updated CPUs of VPS: How to judge whether it is good or not for new CPU of lightsail and improved list’s view and info

Added detailed explanation page of Aamazon Llightsail

– Added view for smartphone and more filtering functions like k8s, DBaaS, etc.
– Added free transfer info to VPS comparison list

Linode started providing DDoS protection for free. We updated VPS function’s list for it

Added Upcloud’s benchmark to the list

Added article “How to upgrade to CentOS 8.1 & use latest packages