Vultr’s features, plan, price & benchmark result

Latest news of Vultr

2021/9/26 Added benchmark of Baremetal server whose vCPU is 8 and 48 for Vultr. Total CPU Score of vCPU x 48 is best among all VPS
2021/9/25 Vultr will start charing for storage of snapshot. $0.05/GB. Sweden DC is newly opened.
2021/9/4 Data transfer between Vultr and Object Storage service BackBlaze becomes free due to their alliance.
2021/08/03 Vultr added cheaper Baremetal plan. Comparison list and Detail was updated.
2021/06/23 Vultr renewed Baremetal’s plan. Benchmark is updated. Performance is good in terms of ROI.
2021/02/26 Vultr‘s additional block storage is avalialbe as NVMe in LA DC. Updated Comparison of block/file storage. You can filter VPS list by NVMe now.

Official Information

Free coupon of Vultr which is available for the first registration

By registering from this link, you can get free coupon.
Usually it is $50 but currently the amount is double as limited time campaign.

If you want to try, it is better for you to try now.

Features of Vultr VPS

Vultr is one of the big VPS which is satisfying cloud hosting’s principals.

  1. Elasticity: You can dispose the server after creation of the server any time without losing money in vain
  2. Redundancy: You can keep serving the service even if 1 of the server goes down(LAN&LB are necessary)
  3. Extendable: You can scale up the server with data

I can say vultr is well balanced VPS.

– Admin page for users is easy to use
– You will be charged based on used hours
– CPU performance is relatively good considering the cost
– Network is fast
– SLA(Service Level Agreement) is 100% though it doesn’t mean the service will not go down

Functions list of Vultr

Data centers of Vultr

Basically you should choose DC which is most close to the targeted users considering latency.
And sometimes you have to keep personal data in the country for satisfying regulation in the country, so global data centers can be worthwhile for you.

In May/2020, Vultr is offering their service in the following locations.

Seoul/South Korea
London/United Kingdom
Atlanta/United States
New York (NJ)/United States
Chicago/United States
Dallas/United States
Los Angeles/United States
Miami/United States
Seattle/United States
Silicon Valley/United States

Vultr’s plan and price

Standard Plan

$2.5 plan is available only in Atlanta DC, IP 4 is not available (IP 6 is available) and only 2 instances are allowed to create per account, so actually it is hard to use for practical usage.

High Frequency Compute Plan

CPU’s performance is better and more stable than Standard plan.
SSD is using NVMe interface, so IO is very good.

Baremetal Plan

You can own physical server by yourself including disk part.
And virtualization is not used, so it is almost same with dedicated physical server without initial cost, which is quite attractive.

Currently there are 4 spec servers but what spec server can be available depends on what DC you will use.

8 vCPU: Available only in Los angels and New York DC
48 vCPU: Available only in New York DC

Dedicated Instance plan

Like baremetal server, you can own physical server but virtualization technology is used, so there is some overhead compared to baremetal plan.

Benchmark result of Vultr VPS (Unixbench)

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