How to switch to AlmaLinux from CentOS(RHE’s clone)

CentOS died

CentOS was fork form Red Hat Enterprise’s fork(clone).
But now CentOS is positioned as upstream of RHE which is opposition to previous position as downstream of RHE.
And support term of CentOS was shortened from May/2029 to Dec/2021.

CentOS users have chosen CentOS because it was considered as stable Linux distribution but this is not what they want.

So new projects which try to create alternative of CentOS have started.
Following projects are good candidates as successors of “CentOS”.

①AlmaLinux led by CloudLinux

②RockyLinux led by initial developer of CentOS (AWS, Mattermost are sponsor of this project)

AlmaLinux succeeded in providing fork of CentOS as first distributor

Competition of development must be hard because 1 distribution is enough and AlmaLinux succeeded in releasing AlamaLinux as RHE fork as first provider.

You can download OS ISO from official web site.

You can also switch from CentOS just by typing simple commands, so you don’t have to install CentOS stream or CentOS 7 considering supporting term because you can extend supporting term by switching to AlmaLinux from CentOS 8.

How to switch from CentOS8/RHE8/Oracle Linux8 to AlmaLinux

# Update packages of CentOS #
sudo dnf update -y;

# Get converting script #
curl -O

# Switch to AlmaLinux #
sudo bash

# Confirm change #
# Result should be something like this: AlmaLinux release 8.3 (Purple Manul) #
cat /etc/redhat-release 

# Result should be something like this: title="AlmaLinux (4.18.0-240.el8.x86_64) 8" #
sudo grubby --info DEFAULT | grep AlmaLinux

# Reboot system to apply everything around kernel, etc #
sudo reboot

So now you succeeded in extending supporting term which is same with RHE 8’s supporting term(31/May/2029).

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