UpCloud’s features, plan, price & benchmark result

Official information

  1. Official site (You can get free $25 bonus by registering from this link)
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  4. Github You can find client software for API
  5. Admin page for users

Register and get free coupon for try first

You can get $25 free coupon by registering from this link and it is good for starting usage of UpCloud.

What UpCloud is and what features it has

VPS which is saying that Cost performance is best in Europe.

UpCloud is picking a quarrel with other big cloud vendors showing comparison of benchmark.
Here are the list.

vs AWS ec2

vs Azure
UpCloud꜆꜄ ˙-˙ )꜆꜄꜆Hahahahahahaa()゜O゜Azure)<Ouch!

vs DigitalOcean

vs Linode

vs Vultr

Well, my army (UpCloud) is so strong though benchmark is provided by UpCloud.

Seeing the benchmark result of VpsRanking.com, we can say UpCloud is one of the best in terms of single server’s performance.

Compared to other big cloud vendors which have more variety of cloud functions, cloud functions is limited, which is weak point.

But UpCloud is planning to enhance its cloud function.
UpCloud said that it would provide cloud functions like Object Storage, Load Balancer and so on.
And actually they started offering Object Storage?.
So you can expect great improvement of cloud functions in the future.

You can get support through web chat system easily, which is quite helpful.

Weak points of UpCloud

– You cannot create copy of the instance without stopping the server
– You cannot create snapshot of the server
– Load balancer is not provided

To overcome redundancy problem, you have to make use of dedicated IP address, replication settings of databases by yourself.

Existence of whether CPU is good or not

There are difference of CPU among servers.
So if you fail to create the instance with good CPU performance, it may be better for you to recreate instance until you get instance with good CPU performance.

In 07/2020, AMD CPU is latest and providing best performance.
NY DC is new DC but all servers have AMD CPU, which is attractive.

You can see what CPU is provided for each VPS at CPU list of VPS.

Plan and price of UpCloud

Server’s plan&price

There is plan offered as Standard but you can adjust necessary amount of CPU, memory and disk through customization.

Maximum disk amount is 16TB, which is quite big.

Only when you use data center in Finland, UpCloud will charge you 1.5 times price.

About network usage, you will be charged only for outbound by $0.01GB if your network usage exceeded free tier.

Managed Database (DBaaS)

UpCloud is offering Managed Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
By selecting two or more units, Read Replica can be promoted to Master when Master fails.
For some reason, PostgreSQL has twice the retention period of backup as MySQL.

– With one unit, MySQL has a backup retention period of 1 day, and PostgreSQL has a backup retention period of 2 days.
– With a two-unit configuration, MySQL has a backup retention period of 7 days and PostgreSQL has a backup retention period of 14 days.
– With a 3-unit configuration, MySQL has a backup retention period of 14 days and PostgreSQL has a backup retention period of 30 days.

The charges are as follows

1 unit configuration

2 units configuration

3 units configuration

Object Storage

Price/month Storage Free transfer
$5 250GB 500GB
$10 500GB 1000GB
$20 1000GB 2000GB

$0.01/GB is charged if you use more than free transfer.
But free transfer amount is shared among servers & object storage, so free transfer amount can be more.

Ping response time from UpCloud’s data center

UpCloud is offering the service in the following data centers.
You should choose data center which is closest to your expected users.
If your main target is Japan, you should choose Singapore DC which is closest to Japan.

Here is ping response time from Tokyo to each UpCloud’s data center.

Ping response time from Tokyo(sec) Data center
0.071 SG-SIN1 Singapore
0.123 US-SJO1 USA/San Jose
0.142 US-CHI1 USA/Chicago
0.178 US-NYC1 USA/New York
0.220 UK-LON1 United Kingdom/London
0.231 ES-MAD1 Spain/Madrid
0.250 NL-AMS1 Netherland/Amsterdam
0.272 DE-FRA1 Germany/Frankfurt
0.275 FI-HEL1 Finland/Helsinki 1
0.283 FI-HEL2 Finland/Helsinki 2

Cost of additional disk and existence of cheapest disk(HDD, not SSD) among major VPS

You can choose HDD for additional disks.
The price of HDD is cheaper than any other VPS’s disk(=SSD), so if you put first priority to the amount of the storage even if it is HDD, UpCloud can be the favorite candidate.

HDD $5.62
SSD $22.32

HDD $0.0562
SSD $0.2232

Functions of UpCloud

Benchmark of UpCloud (Unixbench)

VPS News
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