UpCloud’s features, plan with price & benchmark result


Official information

  1. Official site (You can get free $25 bonus by registering from this link)
  2. Official Twitter
  3. Official blog
  4. Github You can find client software for API
  5. Admin page for users

Register and get free coupon for try first

You can get 25 free coupon by registering from this link and it is good for starting usage of UpCloud.

What UpCloud is and what features it has

VPS which is saying that Cost performance is best in Europe.

UpCloud is picking a quarrel with other big cloud vendors showing comparison of benchmark.
Here are the list.

vs AWS ec2

vs Azure
UpCloud꜆꜄ ˙-˙ )꜆꜄꜆Hahahahahahaa()゜O゜Azure)<Ouch!

vs DigitalOcean

vs Linode

vs Vultr

Well, my army (UpCloud) is overwhelming.

Seeing the benchmark result of VpsRanking.com, it may not be so big difference if we compare the result depending othe plans.
But CPU clock frequency is the highest(3 GHz) and the disk writing speed is the best, so I think it is one of the best VPS if we just want 1 server’s best cost performance.

Currently other big cloud vendors have more variety of cloud functions.

But UpCloud is planning to enhance its cloud function.
UpCloud says that it will provide cloud functions like Object Storage, Load Balancer and so on.
So you can expect great improvement of cloud functions in the future.

You can get support through web chat system easily, which is quite helpful.

Plan and price of UpCloud

There is plan offered as Standard but you can adjust necessary amount of CPU, memory and disk through customization.

Maximum disk amount is 16TB, which is quite big.

Only when you use data center in Finland, UpCloud will charge you 1.5 times price.

About network usage, you will be charged only for outbound by $0.01GB if your network usage exceeded free tier.

Ping response time from UpCloud’s data center

UpCloud is offering the service in the following data centers.
You should choose data center which is closest to your expected users.
If your main target is Japan, you should choose Singapore DC which is closest to Japan.

Here is ping response time from Tokyo to each UpCloud’s data center.

Ping response time from Tokyo(sec)Data center
0.071SG-SIN1 Singapore
0.123US-SJO1 USA/San Jose
0.142US-CHI1 USA/Chicago
0.220UK-LON1 United Kingdom/London
0.250NL-AMS1 Netherland/Amsterdam
0.272DE-FRA1 Germany/Frankfurt
0.275FI-HEL1 Finland/Helsinki 1
0.283FI-HEL2 Finland/Helsinki 2

Cost of additional disk and existence of cheapest disk(HDD, not SSD) among major VPS

You can choose HDD for additional disks.
The price of HDD is cheaper than any other VPS’s disk(=SSD), so if you put first priority to the amount of the storage even if it is HDD, UpCloud can be the favorite candidate.

HDD $5.62
SSD $22.32

HDD $0.0562
SSD $0.2232

Functions of UpCloud

Benchmark of UpCloud (Unixbench)