VPS comparison

Comparison of VPS’s cloud functions

List of cloud functions of VPS

VPS is also increasing cloud functions, so it is also important to recognize cloud functions provided by each VPS company.
You can see cloud functions’ list here.
For the item which you cannot understand, please see here.

Explanation of functions

1 Click install

You can install application like WordPress just 1 click.


You can manipulate services through API.
What you can depend on what VPS service is providing as service which is available through API.


You can take backup.


You can make use of Database As A Service, which means that you don’t have to manage database by yourself though it will cost you more compared to pure server.


You can assign domain name to IP and set DNS records.

DoS protection

You can protect DoS attack.


You can control the access to the specified ports.

How to charge

minutes = you will be charged based on used time by minutes
days = you will be charged based on used time by days
months = you will be charged based on used time by months


Kubernetes is available as managed service.

Load balancer

Load balancer will help you to use multiple servers for distributing traffic for redundancy and speed.

Local network

Local network is available, which help servers to communicate among them without using outer network(=internet).

Mail service

Mail functions are available as managed service.

Network disk

You can increase available disk by making use of network disk.
Block = Block storage
File = File storage

Network storage

You can increase disk storage by making use of network torage.
Block = Block storage
File = File storage

Object storage

Object storage like s3 is available.


Service Level Agreement.
If the availability of service drops less than SLA, you can get refund based on the definition.
You have to be careful that this means that this is just for refunding and will not guarantee true availability of the servers though the availability can be better based on SLA.

Scale up

You can scale up the server without data migration.


You can create snapshot by which you can create instance with same content.

Start up script

You can set script which run when you make the server on for the first time.

VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)

VPC enables you to use private network accessible only by your owned servers.


= Web Application Firewall by which you can prevent attack from outside

Web console

You can manage servers through web browser.


You can choose Windows as OS.

Static IP

You can keep specific IP address. Even if you change server, you can keep IP address.

Up/Down monitor

You can get notification of unhealthy status of servers.

DC in Japan

One of data center is in Japan.

Multiple DC

Multiple data centers are provided.